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Lessons on correct breath and vocal technique

Voice Lessons

I have been teaching voice lessons on and off for about 15 years, but the vast majority of what I work on with students now reflects the vocal technique taught to me by the esteemed Dr. Robert C. White.

Doc has been my teacher since I first attended The Juilliard School.  And for almost a decade now I can definitively say that my voice would not be as solid as it is without him.

Vocal Coachings

In the last few years, as I have been conducting more, I have started offering vocal coachings.  Generally these coachings are $45 for an hour.

Unlike the voice lessons I teach, these are centered entirely on language, style, and musicality.  A vocal coach's job is to help the singer fill the gaps of knowledge when it comes to the following:

  • Language - correct pronunciation and accent specific to the language of the era when the piece was written.  My specialties include: Italian, French, German, Russian, and English.

  • Performance practice - the correct musical techniques applied to specific genres of music;  i.e. cadenzas, ornamentation, or any other unwritten rules assumed during different eras of music.

  • Musical styling - the correct use of dynamics and rubato in specific genres of music assumed during different eras of music.

  • Dramatic interpretation - finding a unique dramatic interpretation for the singer, using the performance practice and musical styling inherent to specific genres of music.

Focusing on these things, I endeavor to help the singer perform the piece to the best of their ability.

These coachings do not include vocal technique.

Voice Lessons

Generally, vocal lessons are $70 for an hour.  If more time is requested, an arrangement can be made prior to the lesson.

All lessons include the following work:

  • proper breathing, breath control & exercises​

  • vocal technique & placement

  • technique for accessing high/low notes

  • smoothing out the "passagio"

My vocal lessons are not limited to these, but the technique I teach is rooted in having a solid foundation in these principles.  I firmly believe that with a thorough understanding of these principles, singing any style can be achieved with ease.

Most lessons do not include a pianist (I attempt to play as much as I can), but should it be required, or if the time comes when one is warranted, I am more than happy to help facilitate that.

If you are interested in having a lesson or coaching, please use the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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