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Lessons to help hone your audition skills

Audition Lessons

After years of fielding questions in regards to etiquette, arias, and resumes for auditions, it has become clear that auditioning is not a skill that conservatories and universities readily impart upon their students.  Nor is auditioning a skill that is easily learned.  There are too many students enrolled in schools and successfully helping each one find their audition “voice” is nearly impossible. Similarly Young Artist and Summer Programs do not have the time needed to help singers in the training of this valuable and necessary skill.


This need is what led me to create Audition Lessons.  


Auditions are not one size fits all, and making broad generalizations about the way a singer should audition doesn't help them find their best "audition voice".  The audition process is highly personal and finding the technique or style that works for each singer is tantamount to being able to give the best audition possible.

Additional Offerings

Audition Masterclass

In addition to the one-on-one lessons, I have had the amazing opportunity to give several Audition Masterclasses.  It works much like a lesson, the school or institution selects the students to sing (just like a normal masterclass), and then each student takes their turn singing an "audition" for me and the rest of the class.  After singing their first piece, I ask them to name the other pieces on their audition rep list, which is a great time to game out what some auditioners might ask for next from their list.

Then we go back to the song they sang, and we plot out how to enter, what to say, where to look, how to use the space available, and most importantly - how to stay loose and relaxed!

Audition Rep List Discussions

As the Opera world adapts to keep relevant, so too must singers adapt themselves to their surroundings.  In these settings, I never talk about what someone should be singing, that is for them to do with their teacher and trusted advisers.  However, I can help give a unique view into how the rep list may look to auditioners.  Does it provide a good idea of what the singer is capable of?  Does it convey a solid picture of who the singer is on stage?

Vocal Coachings

Just like any vocal coach, I help singers with learning roles, diction, musicality, and connection to text.  All in an effort to help the singer be their best when they perform or audition.

How does it work?

- Prior to the lesson the student emails their resume and audition rep list to me so I can review them beforehand.  (Student can also send bios and headshot for inspection.)

- Student arrives to lesson and performs a “mock audition”.  Student will announce their name and their first selection, and I will ask for a second piece, simulating an audition.

- After a brief talk about the mock audition, lessons work on the following:

1. Entrance and exit, greeting the panel.

2. Use of space, how to take stock of the audition setting.

3. Special circumstances (i.e. Competitions/Casting Calls).

4. Finding the best dramatic use of the audition space.

5. Quick review of materials that were sent prior to lesson.


The goal of these lessons is to help the singer perform their best in auditions by finding their particular strengths, and leading with them.  This hopefully will help the student be more confident, and allow the best audition possible.


Lessons are 90 minutes, and include a pianist.


Continuing lessons are available and work on dramatic intent for each audition aria, creation of an audition rep list, proper resume style/info, among many other things.

If you are interested in having a lesson, or would like more information regarding the lessons or masterclass, please use the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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